Try Before You Buy

As we rapidly approach the festive season the balance of my job changes slightly…. Permanent recruitment slows a little and temporary recruitment goes through the roof!

I will get a phone call almost every day between now and Christmas asking-  do you have a Temporary Accountant who can fill in for the next few weeks?  Do you have a Receptionist who can see us through until the new year?  We are in desperate need a of a Temporary Property Manager for an ongoing assignment, can you help us?

Approximately 30% of these temps will end up being offered a permanent job within the company they are temping for.

Many companies hold off recruiting permanent employee’s towards the end of the year, but they do need someone filling in the vacant position in the meantime. Rather than run through the entire recruitment process, they book a temp with the view of sourcing a candidate themselves or through an agency in the new year.  99% of the time the Temp will come into your company, learn your processes and procedures, form relationships with their new or temporary peers and become an obvious candidate for the permanent role-  After all you have taken the time to train your Temp and more importantly they fit into your team environment and know the job- If you have a fantastic temp do not let them go!

This Temporary with view for permanency arrangement can be fantastic for both parties. The candidate can make sure that:  A) This is a company they want to work for B) This is a team they work well with and C) This is a job they enjoy doing.  This is the same for the company, they now have the option to make sure that:  A) The candidate is capable of the job B) they fit well into the team and environment and C) They fit the company culture and hold aligning morals and values. With this arrangement both parties have the option to pull the pin with very little notice as well as have the opportunity to discuss appropriate salary expectations after experiencing the job first hand and accessing the candidates capabilities rather than basing it on a job description!

Next time you are sourcing a new employee or looking for a new position this is an option worth considering. After all making the wrong decision when it comes to a new employee or new job can be expensive, disruptive and very stressful!

Nobody proposes marriage after a first date, perhaps the option to spend some time getting to know each other first is not such a bad idea?

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Posted by Sarah- Jane Thomas on Linked In 26.11.15