What Are They Saying About You?

It takes many years to earn a good reputation and can take 5 minutes to lose it…

No matter what industry you are a part of, some companies have glowing reputations and other not so much. Your reputation is not only important when it comes to attracting clients or customers but it is paramount when you are trying to employ new staff members.

One thing I have noticed over the years as a Recruitment Consultant is the same company names are often brought up as businesses my candidates do not want to work for. There are many reasons as to why these names are mentioned and I want to share some of these reasons with you so that you are aware of the impact different things can make on your business reputation!

You have high turn over- When a company is seen to be advertising the same role over again, job seekers notice and they what to know why. It is a red flag for many people if a company cannot retain their staff!

Your staff members do not feel valued, supported or respected- It is important that your staff feel valued, supported and respected in the work place. Not only because each and every employee is an important piece of your business puzzle, but because negative news travels faster than positive. If your staff have negative feelings towards the way they are treated in the work place, I have no doubt they are telling their friends and family. When they move onto a new position within a new company ( and they will!) they may continue talking about their negative experience causing you a bad reputation as an employer.

You have unethical practices- Yes this is something I hear about often! Companies asking employee’s to sign off on something they legally should not. Management doing thing’s that they should not be! Do not do this, word gets around fast and your employee’s will run for the hills no matter how well you treat them or what you are paying.

You interview candidates with no intention of employing them– Surprisingly it is not rare that companies request to meet with candidates and later tell them that the interview was fantastic and should they have a position for them they would have offered them a role at the drop of a hat! Not only are you wasting the candidates time but you are wasting your own. Most candidates do not appreciate taking time off work to interview for a position that does not exist at this time, word travels fast especially within smaller industries!

You are not paying market value salaries- Let’s face it, most of us have a job because we need to be paid. No matter how fantastic of a company you have and how lucky your staff are to work with you , it is important to pay industry standard to attract and retain staff. I do not recommend you meet with a candidate who you know is out of your price range, offering someone who is looking for a salary of $80,000 $65,000. It is a waste of everyone’s time.

You Have a toxic staff member- It only takes one person to bring your office culture crashing down and word of an unhappy work environment spreads fast. If you have a bully or toxic staff member in your office it is important that this is knocked on the head and fast…. It may cost you your staff and your reputation!

Are any of the above situations something you have encountered as an employee or job seeker? Is there anything important you feel I have missed?

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Posted on LinkedIn by Protege’s Senior Recruitment Consultant, Sarah-Jane Th0mas on 18.03.15