Are You Ready To Be Hired?

According to the Q2 2014 LinkedIn Economic Confidence Outlook Survey business leaders expect a global rise in hiring. Some predict a significant increase of as much as 7%.

As an opportunist, my question to you is “Are you ready for this influx of opportunity?”

You may think of opportunity as a haphazard event that flies by offering you to jump on and ride only if you are lucky. The reality is that more times than not opportunity presents itself because you have done the work to be ready first which, in turn, attracts the opportunity.

Taking the time to shift from aimlessly scrambling to find a job by swimming through the sea of job descriptions to attracting quality opportunities based on an intentionally focused career exploration, may seem difficult. The reality is, however, that making this shift can mean the difference between hours, days or months of frustratingly lackluster results and launching an important part of the life you want to love…your career.

The quickest way to see results is through intentional self-discovery, mindfully seeking the right fit, and authentically presenting you to the world.

Start by getting clear on what you want from life. When looking for a career it helps to know what is important to you in life first. A job is really just a tool that significantly impacts your lifestyle. So, focus on what lifestyle you want first. Think in terms of time, life experiences, personal growth, health, family, relationships, leisure and finances. Remember to focus on all aspects so you don’t have to give up one for the other. When you clarify your definition of what a good life is you can start moving towards that all-encompassing vision.

Once you have your vision, follow these steps…

1. Know what value you want to bring to the world – Human nature is to thrive through fulfillment by bringing value to the world. Now that you know what you want from the world through exploring your vision, focus on what you want to give the world.

2. Combine your hard assets and your soft assets– Take the time to understand the technical skill set and knowledge you have and combine that with the “magic” that you bring, your passions, what is uniquely yours that differentiates you from others and your creativity. Once you understand both sides of who you are, you can intentionally move towards finding a great fit for you.

3. Align your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect who you are – Words are powerful. Images are potent. It can be difficult compiling words about yourself to truly reflect who you are. Often, people are caught reflecting what they have done, but not who they are. Use your LinkedIn profile and all its tools to showcase the picture of you through images, links, blogs, and videos.

4. Go shopping – Confidence is attractive. Doing the work before hand to get clear on what you want from life and where you fit allows you to shift your mindset from hoping to get hired to shopping for a career that aligns with who you are. With that subtle shift, you will bring more confidence with you. It is similar to shopping for a car. Usually you have done the research to explore what you want before you actually go to the sales floor to buy. You know the details of the car, why you want it, how it fits with your lifestyle, and how you will feel once you have it. You are confident that it is a good fit for you. Now apply that same methodology to your career search and identify the specific opportunities that are right for you.

5. Get the job – You have done the work to know where you want to be and why you should be there. Now is the time to focus your energy onto the few opportunities that you have defined as a good fit. Narrowing your focus to a select few may seem counter-intuitive. After all, if you send out more resumes, you should eventually land a job somewhere. Right? You could do that and hope that someone stumbles upon your resume and just happens to see how brilliant you are or you can intentionally go after a career that is a great fit.

I work with people who want to love what they do and are willing to go after it despite their fears. This is my career because I did the work to find the perfect fit for me. Know who you are so you can love what you do!

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