How To Lose A Job In Ten Seconds

Recruitment is an interesting job; you really do meet people from all walks of life. After interviewing numerous interesting candidates it got me thinking, do people understand that meeting with a Recruiter is a job interview?

Do candidates realise how vital it is that they present themselves in a professional manner in order to secure an interview with my client?

After an meeting with an interesting candidate this morning, I thought I would run through a snippet of what I have experienced with different candidates over the years- Some of these things may sounds silly, even crazy but I guarantee if you are doing any of them, it may be what is standing between you and your dream job!

  • Mini bodycon dresses or night club attire in general – sexy? sure, professional no!
  • Swearing – not appropriate
  • Chewing gum or eating in interview
  • Jeans/ leggings / denim shorts/ thongs- save it for the beach
  • Answering your phone or making calls/ texting
  • Feet on desks or chairs- yes people really do this!
  • Bringing your parents or partner into the interview
  • Bringing your child to interview without prior warning
  • Applying your make-up or doing your hair in interview
  • Cracking of fingers/ neck- any body part really is awkward
  • An argumentative or aggressive attitude
  • Bad mouthing prior employers
  • Dirty or messy presentation (unironed clothing is common)
  • Biting or picking nails/ hands
  • Excessive fidgeting
  • Removing your shoes because they hurt
  • Showing up extremely early or late without warning
  • Bringing your own beverages to interview
  • Asking the person interviewing you on a date – not appropriate
  • Taking a photo of the interviewer without permission (even asking permission is a little weird to be honest!)

As funny this may seem, these behaviours occur on a regular basis- Don’t give a future employer a reason to mark you off their list!

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Posted by Sarah-Jane on LinkedIn on 27.02.15