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We live in a time that is all about health and wellness. There are health food shops and café’s popping up all over the place, celebrities are taking “selfies” in the gym and sharing it on their social media and I am typing this article standing up because we have introduced ergonomic standing desks in my office!

But in all seriousness a healthy body equals a healthy mind and a healthy mind often equals better results in the work place. It can also mean less sick leave, stronger staff retention and an all-round less stressful and happier environment for everyone involved!

I am very lucky; I work in an environment where both mental and physical health is a priority. The majority of my team are regulars at the gym, we all tend to eat a healthy diet (at least we try to) and are encouraged to utilise our holiday leave and enjoy a laugh in the office. If we are stressed it is totally acceptable to take some time out and go for a walk, in fact stress is not looked down upon it is something we are comfortable talking about in the office and encouraged not to suffer in silence. Most recently we did introduce standing desks in the office (which my back and knees are so grateful for!) and my boss is always looking for new ways to make our office an enjoyable and healthy environment!

Some of my clients reward their hard working staff with a massage therapist visiting the office every Friday; others provide healthy snack options or gym memberships.One of my clients allows extended lunch breaks or an early finish time for staff attending the provided fitness classes. Whilst another client split their office into two teams and train for a different sport, kicking off the start of each month with a friendly office match! A lot of offices provide their staff with mental health support giving them confidential access to therapists should they need the support for matters personal or professional. The list goes on and on, there are some excellent companies out there who are making the wellbeing of their biggest asset, their staff top priority!

What would you like to see introduced into your work environment to encourage a healthy work place?

Is your company doing anything original to encourage a positive mind set and healthy body for their staff?

“Employees who know that management is concerned about them as a whole person, not just an employee are more productive, more satisfied, more loyal and more fulfilled. Satisfied employee’s means satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.” – Anne M.Mulcahy.

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Posted on LinkedIn by Protege’s Senior Recruitment Consultant Sarah-Jane Thomas on 10.03.15